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How to deploy a Php, Redis Application to Kubernetes GKE and use Cloud Memorystore as a redis instance

Cloud Memorystore is a Fully-managed in-memory data store service for Redis.Cloud Memorystore ...


How to Deploy Php, Redis Application to Kubernetes using minikube

Docker is a computer program that performs operating-system-level virtualization. Docker is used to ...


How to deploy Laravel to Google App Engine Standard Environment

Google App Engine is a Fully managed serverless application platform for developing and hosting


International Women’s Day: Aurat Azadi March Pakistan 2019

This year on International Women’s Day thousand of women marched in ....


LINUX Process Management

If you are new to Linux or using it just because your senior developer in your office wants you to use ...


LINUX `ls` commands

I have been using Linux for quite a lot of time but never feels the need to use all ...

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